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Wind Swept Acres

Jed and Riley
CH Idlewild's WindSwept Hot Shot & Hi Gunners Riley... circa 2003

German Shorthaired Pointers

- Form to Function...

     We raise beautiful loving hunting companions that anyone can appreciate...  They are equally lovely in the field on our annual trips to Brentford, South Dakota as they are the rest of the year playing with our young son in the livingroom of our home.


Whether you hunt competitively or recreationally, our goal is to provide pups will make you proud!!!  As house pets, and as tough, driven hunting companions.


Idlewilds Windswept Hot Shot
Jed at 11 months
aka Jed

The first time we hunted Jed and Riley together Jed was only 4 months old ... 45 minutes later we had 8 pheasants and 1 chucker!  Jed had retrieved 4 of the 9 birds to hand!!!  Credit to finding them has to go to Riley though. 


They are an awesome, relaxing pair to spend a day hunting behind.  They rate to the conditions and let you set the pace.  I can’t think of a nicer way to spend a weekend.  Two responsive, well bred, obedient dogs working together to cover the field and point birds...  Retrieving to hand, honoring at point, truly a wonderful way to spend a day!


Riley left us in the winter of 07, but we have since added a daughter of Jed, named for the original Riley, but spelled “Rylee” her dam was a nice Rugerheim bred female.  Rylee has grown into a really special female, and we hope to breed her in the spring of 2009.  We’ve also added “Miss Molly”, what Molly lacks in pedigree she makes up for in personality.  She will be trained and possibly shown in 2009.  


Hunting with Friends